Large number of visitors in all four days during MCE at Galletti Group booth

Large number of visitors in all four days during MCE at Galletti Group booth

On a stand with development on two floors and divided into areas of application 7 brands, united under the G logo Galletti Group, have concretely presented to its audience what it means to propose an integrated package of products and services to 360 °.

From the hotel, from the data center to the mall up to the industry, through the consulting & maintenance area, visitors could touch the uniqueness of the Galletti Group in dell'HRVAC scene, achieved by the realization of each company of the Group of product systems, perfectly integrated.

BLDC technology, heat recovery and maximum use of renewable energy sources accounted for the main theme of all the exposed packages.

Great curiosity and interest was aroused by the "shopping center industry" in which were presented two major innovations of the Galletti Group: the new range of light rooftop CRT Cetra that completes the definitive catalog of the Group and expresses perfectly the concept of synergy between the companies that make it up; the MC units Refrigeration technology, BT + TN refrigeration unit with thermodynamic cycle in cascade R1234ze / R744 perfectly integrated with the HVAC system of the shopping center and then with the other Galletti Group products for air conditioning comfort and technology environments.

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