Gh Service
Gh Service

GH Service: reality, license plate Galletti, after-sales services that guarantees customers a 360 degrees.

Starts in 2010 the experience GH service that, with the aim of satisfying the customer, able to intervene in any type of air conditioning units, from comfort to the tertiary sector, the processing machines to the packaging units of technological environments, from air handling units to highly customized units, setting as first target customer satisfaction. A rapid after sales service, decisive and professional that feeds the continuous interaction with the various companies of the Group, to ensure a constant update on innovations of products and offer its partners high quality and technologically advanced products.
GH Service, available to its customers, from the design phase to the after-sale, through an extensive network of service centers in Italy and support to the many sales agents and distributors in Italy and in the world. But the trump card is mainly the direct contact with customers, followed by staff, both internal and external, highly qualified, long technical experience and constantly updated through specific training courses.
The GH Service technicians are in possession of all the certifications to operate on a refrigeration unit and are equipped with the most advanced equipment. GH Service is able to provide a service fault diagnosis and control of integrated systems, to make the first start-up of the units, to provide various services that can go to complete the offer of the various Group companies. GH Service is also able to formulate packages specifically for extended warranties and maintenance programs and extraordinary, from the supply of spare parts to the rental units. It can also offer remote management services units, and follow in the law ottemperanze the customer who owns units containing refrigerant gases.
In a market where the sale of the product is no longer simply the Galletti Group, thanks to GH Service, it is proposed as the only partner able to provide a complete package of products and services.

Azienda: Gh Service


Sede operativa di Padova:
Viale Spagna, 31/33 35020 Tribano (PD) Italy
Tel: +39 049 9588511 - Fax: +39 049 9588522

Sede operativa di Bologna:
Via L. Romagnoli 12/a 40010 Bentivoglio (BO) Italy
Tel: +39 051 8908111 - Fax: +39 051 8908122/3

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