Solutions for: Shopping malls

Integrated solutions for air conditioning and refrigeration in shopping centers

Shopping malls


Integrated system for the refrigeration of the showcases, a supermarket and for the conditioning of all the areas patrolled. A two-stage compression station feeds the refrigeration counters in BT and TN for the storage of frozen foodstuffs or positive temperature. The dissipation of heat from the mini-storage is recovered for space heating of premises subject to exposure by means of the fan coil and hydronic cassette units: the integration of the requirements is ensured by a multi-purpose heat pump in total condensing heat recovery that while a rooftop with free cooling and heat recovery section deals with the treatment of primary air. The same heat pump recovers heat from the internal heat load in storage tanks and is connected to the central stage of BT as a backup. CED is cooled by a small "in-rack" direct expansion units while outside a shelter for telecommunications is conditioned by a unit with installation "on backpack".

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