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Galletti Group: a new approach to the HRVAC market

The Galletti Group’s roots reach back to 1906, the year Galletti S.p.A. was established, one of the first companies to become involved in the air conditioning market in Italy.

The intuition to create a group of this type, a truly unique case in this sector, originates from a small group of successful managers who, beginning in 1995, gave shape to a market force that presently possesses 7 different brands.

Unlike other enterprises operating in the market that have grouped together into a single company a large variety of different products, their innovative idea was to establish a group comprising seven different companies, each with its own specific expertise in the target sector, that work in perfect synergy with each other so as to be able to present themselves on the market as a single partner and offer cutting-edge solutions.

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Strong vertical integration

Galletti Group Laboratori Ricerca

Research and Development

One of the Galletti Group’s most important strengths is its ability to develop in-house all the solutions required by the market: the group can count on a number of state-of-the-art laboratories at which its products are tested under any climatic condition, even the most extreme conditions. This allows the group to manage the entire product creation process, from the very first phases in which the products are conceived, developed, and tested.


All of the companies belonging to the Galletti Group have in-house design offices: in fact, there are departments at which the mechanical design is developed, other departments where the electrical design is implemented, and still other departments where software development takes place. This allows the group to be able to offer a great deal of flexibility and to custom tailor its response to its customers’ requirements.



Each company belonging to the Galletti Group has in-house state-of-the-art production lines for manufacturing the finished product. Furthermore, the Galletti Group’s strategy was to organize vertically and, therefore, not to stop at the execution of the finished product, but to bring in-house also the manufacturing of the semi-finished products and the “strategic” components. For this reason, today the group can perform the following in-house: working sheet metal, manufacturing heat exchangers, manufacturing electrical boards, and developing software.

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