Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission

"To become a key partner in the various HRVAC sectors," proposing integrated packages of products designed on the basis of the customers' specific requirements, maximizing efficiency and energy savings.""

"We develop, design, and manufacture, internally at our facilities, products with high quality standards and a high level of reliability, integrating them with high value-added pre-sales and after-sales services.
Professionalism and passion are the qualities that have always distinguished our daily work."

In the Galletti Group’s DNA

The quality of the Galletti Group’s products is due to the presence of several fundamentally important elements that characterize its essential core and make it a unique enterprise in the HRVAC market.

  • Consolidated experience in specific sectors

    Each company has, within its own staff, employees with many years of experience, thereby allowing it to become an important player in its own specific sector.

  • Collaboration with prestigious Italian universities

    The Galletti Group believes that achieving the best performance, quality, and reliability is only possible through valuable collaborative relationships established with Italian universities, whose studies and detailed analyses stimulate continuous internal improvement.

  • Decades of investments in Italy

    The Galletti Group is a completely Italian enterprise comprising Italian companies, each of which is deeply rooted in its own local area.
    All the companies belonging to the Galletti Group have always believed and invested in their own local area.

  • Close and continuous cooperation with professionals of the sector

    To grow and to be able to propose to the market products that fully satisfy the various players' requirements, the companies belonging to the group are in constant contact with professionals of the sector, who are best positioned to give feedback on the products that allow continuous improvement.

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